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How to Design the Perfect Home Office

03 Aug 2021

Looking for wallpaper for your home office? We've got options.

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

An office is a room where work gets done. There's a lot of factors at play when it comes to achieving your career goals, but working in a space that inspires and promotes those goals never hurts. Having the right wallpaper can boost your work ethic and productivity. After you choose the right furniture, computer, planner, and bookcase it’s time to tie the room together with the perfect wallcovering.

Wall Color

It’s amazing how colors can effect our moods. Choosing the right colors for your walls can make or break your daily productivity. The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your home office is ensuring it’s a place where you can (and want to) focus. If you have a short attention span, choosing monochromatic colors can keep you from getting too distracted from your tasks. On the other hand, if you work in a creative field, wallpaper with bold colors can help inspire you and even break your writer’s block. Here’s a quick list of colors and how they affect our moods:

RedWhen used to cover the whole room, red inspires drama, romance, and passion. A hint of red, on the other hand, will warm up a space without overwhelming it.

Orange: There are many pleasing shades of orange, but a deep orange is versatile in that it can be energizing by day and cozy at night, making it perfect for morning and evening work.

Yellow: A brighter yellow is memory-activating, creativity-promoting, and mood-boosting. There’s a reason the color is associated with happiness! Additionally, paler shades of yellow make a room feel bigger, lighter, and airier if you’re in a small, stuffy space.

Green: Another versatile color, green can be energizing, refreshing, harmonious, and so much more. Pick paler greens for a fresh and crisp feel, and go for darker greens to inspire a sense of calm.

Blue: Generally, blues make a room seem serene. They bring peace to even the most hectic work environment, especially darker blues like sapphire blue.

Purple: Bright purples are fun and energetic, potentially bringing life to an otherwise boring space. Purple is also associated with ideas like royalty and spirituality.

Pink: Another versatile color, soft pinks are associated with femininity and youth, while bold pinks are associated with confidence and glamour.

Brown: Any earth tones are going to be instant stress relievers, and brown is no exception. Known to be a color that brings comfort, there’s a reason brown is used in living rooms and home offices across the globe.

White: Reminiscent of purity and cleanliness, white wallpaper is a classic look that can add elegance and clear-headedness to any space.

Black: Possibly the boldest color listed, black is associated with power and domination. Decorating a space with black wallpaper is a brave move, but when used tastefully, it’s a color that can make your home office feel like a place from which you can easily conquer the world.

The “right” color for your home office walls will completely depend on your personal preferences, work style, and career goals. But now that you know how wall colors can potentially affect your mood, you can weigh your options and pick a color (or two or three) that will best suit your needs!

Wall Patterns

Patterns can make or break a room in general, but the stakes probably seem higher when you’re choosing a pattern to go in your home office. After all, how will you ever be able to focus if your walls are too distracting? Too drab? Not fun? Not professional? Here’s a list of style options that’d be great for a home office, depending on whether you’d rather be creative or productive.

To inspire creativity:

Painterly: Wallpaper in the painterly style often looks hand-painted and a little abstract. If you decorate a whole office in this style, you’ll be surrounded by a work of art.

Photographic: Ever think you’d be FAR more creative if you were able to stare at the Amalfi Coast of Italy? That’s an actual option with photographic wallpaper. Nothing like transporting yourself across the globe to get the creative juices flowing!

Tropical: This style of wallpaper has the same effect as photographic, but with a feel that’s more artsy and jungly. Surround yourself with exotic plants and animals while you knock off tasks on your to-do list.

Texture: Bring authentic textures and surfaces into your space with textural wallcoverings. A subtle texture can add a little visual interest without being distracting, while a faux surface will transform a space into an environment you'll love to be in. Think warm and cozy wood grain or stately brick and stone. 

To inspire productivity:

Art Deco: Get your productivity roarin’ when you decorate a space with art deco wallpaper. The sleek lines and streamlined geometrics of the 1920s are both classy and professional.

Geometric: Wallpaper in the geometric style has a way of feeling both classic and futuristic, putting you in exactly the right headspace for innovation and big ideas.

Stripes: A staple in the wallpaper world, striped wallpaper, especially vertical stripes, can add a pop of color without being too distracting. It’s a classic look for the professional person, providing the space an air of sophistication.

Traditional: There's nothing wrong with the classics. Traditional wallcoverings bring timeless sophistication to interiors. Choose an embossed design for something truly elegant.

Every home office is bound to be unique because every person needs something different from their space. With our list of colors and patterns to help guide, we’re sure you can’t go wrong with your home office design. And remember that we can custom create wallpaper to your specifications, and bring almost any vision you have for your walls to life.

Design shown: Kobe - Grace from the Ukiyo collection