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Mood Boosting Wallpapers

09 Dec 2022

Sometimes all a room needs is a change of wallpaper. Check out these suggestions for exciting patterns and bold prints sure to lift any homeowner's spirits.

Mood Boosting Wallpapers

Your home should be a place for rest and relaxation. You should walk through your door after a long work day and feel uplifted and carefree. Sadly, most people’s homes aren’t decorated to have this effect. Many find their home environments just as stressful and draining as the office. Several factors within the home affect one's mood, but there’s one surefire way to change the look and feel of any room for the better: bright and airy wallpaper.

There are a few general rules for choosing wallpaper that will boost your mood instead of bringing it down:

  • First, go for lighter colors, like bright yellows, sky blues, and pretty pinks. Light colors not only improve your mood but a room’s entire atmosphere. They also make the room feel bigger. Dark colors may feel suffocating and generally do not make anyone feel happier.
  • Second, indulge in some fun patterns. Your walls are bound to make you smile if you have little monkeys peeking at you from between some painted trees, especially if you’re used to staring at dull, solid colors.
  • Third, focus on aesthetics that are energizing. After all, you’re looking for a mood BOOST. Bold, exciting prints that get the heart pumping and the imagination flowing will surely add a little pep to your step no matter how down you feel.

Colors, patterns, and aesthetics greatly determine how a certain wallpaper will affect your mood. The most important rule for picking out wallpaper that you know will boost your attitude is a wallpaper that YOU love and won’t mind looking at for hours and hours on end. Though most of the recommendations below will steer people towards bright colors, mesmerizing patterns, and energizing aesthetics, you should pick whatever you like the most, even if it’s not on our list. There is something for everyone.

That being said, here are a few mood-boosting wallpaper ideas for people who aren’t sure what style they’d like.


We mentioned the monkeys, right? Even if your wallpaper only had smiling monkeys on it, it’d do wonders for your mood. But your wallpaper can feature happy little monkeys AND big, bold leaves with gorgeous flowers. Nature has a way of improving our emotional and mental health (which we’ll circle back to in a bit), so having wallpaper that features a bit of jungle is perfect for anyone who could use an extra smile in their day.

When you picture birds on the wallpaper, you might picture ornate quails and pigeons in vintage patterns, like the wallpaper your grandma used to have. Thankfully, wallpaper has evolved, and the birds you can find on wallpaper now are regal, lifelike, and vivid. Pick a wallpaper that features large white seagulls against a pale pink background to feel like you’re flying high in the sky. We know the assumption is that you’d want the birds against a sky-blue background, but there’s something extra magical about the pink, mainly because it makes us think of sunrises and sunsets.

Let’s be real: who doesn’t love dogs? If you’re actually into the vintage style we mentioned above; you can find adorable wallpaper with poodles pampering themselves in a bathroom that looks like it was hand-drawn decades ago. Even better, you can find this wallpaper in pretty teals, pinks, and light blues.

Pampered Pups | Wallpaper


As we mentioned earlier, nature has been proven to affect our moods significantly. When we go for a walk through the park, we generally come home feeling happier and more relaxed than we did when we left. That’s why botanical wallpapers are so great: it’s like having nature with you at all times.

Floral wallpaper has been around almost as long as wallpaper itself, so it’s no wonder that there are so many floral print options. While there are certainly more traditional floral wallpapers with pale, dainty flowers arranged neatly into columns, there are also more modern floral wallpapers with big, bold flowers arranged in a way that seems wild and natural but still very stylish. If you’re into things that look psychedelic, there are also wallpapers with florals arranged so that it almost feels like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope.

In modern homes, botanical wallpaper has become less artistic and more photographic. If you’re a big fan of greenery, you may enjoy giant, natural tropical leaves against a white background. It brings the joy of nature into a room but leaves a crisp, clean feeling thanks to the white underneath. It’s the perfect, laid-back wallpaper that can go with almost any furniture style you already have in your house.

Alocasia | Wallpaper


Speaking of photographic wallpaper, you probably won’t believe all the pictures you can use as wallpaper these days. You can memorialize moments or feel like you’ve stepped into another country just by walking into a different room of your house; it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you have views like these.

If you’re happier on a beach, imagine how excited you’ll be to come home to the Amalfi Coast on your living room wall. This little city on a shore in Italy looks like something out of a storybook, and it’ll help remind you that your life is a grand adventure. You can also find photographic wallpapers depicting California’s rocky coasts or Australia's big, blue Great Barrier Reef.

Suppose you’re more into mountains and trees than ocean and sand. In that case, you can find photographic wallpaper featuring almost any large national park, including Acadia, Grand Teton, and Yosemite. You can have expansive landscape views or quiet forests, depending on your preferences.

You can also ditch the nature scene and pick out wallpaper with your favorite city’s skyline. You can find US cities like Manhattan, Austin, and San Francisco, but you can also find international cities like Tokyo, London, and Vancouver.

Vancouver | Photographic Wall Mural

We hope these tips have helped you search for mood-boosting wallpaper, and we can’t wait to see you learn to love your walls again.