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Unique Wallpaper: Choosing Wallpaper as Unique as You

19 Jul 2021

How do you find wallpaper that’s truly one-of-a-kind? Is crocodile skin a real wallpaper option? Read on to find out!

Unique Wallpaper: Choosing Wallpaper as Unique as You

Did you know wallpaper has been around since the Middle Ages? Think Joan of Arc and Dante. With approximately 1,400 years of interior decorating experience under humanity’s belt, it’s no wonder we don’t feel like we can find wallpaper that’s genuinely unique anymore. The good news for us is that as technology grows and evolves, artists find new ways to create and express themselves. Even a traditional design can feel new again with contemporary colors or materials, and the way it's incorporated into a space.

So how do you choose a wallpaper that’s one-of-a-kind? Look at designs that contemporary artists are creating. Here are 10 styles of wallpaper that will make your space as unique as you are.

Abstract Wallpaper

Whether you want a subtle improvement or an upgrade that makes a statement, the world of abstract art is so vast that the likelihood of you picking the same abstract wallpaper as someone else is extremely slim. It’s a medium with no rules and a lot of interpretations, so any abstract wallpaper you choose can also double as a fine art backdrop for hosting events and daily rituals. This wallpaper category is perfect for people who don’t fit society’s expectations of who they should be, who are unapologetically themselves.

Phantasm Mural | Astek Home

Art Deco Wallpaper

Remember when Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby film was released in 2013? I think we all wanted to put on flapper dresses and go to grand parties with Leo DiCaprio. A great tool artists use is reinvention. They take historical designs and old art styles, like wallpaper patterns from the 1920s, and turn them into something that feels brand new. With art deco wallpaper, you can bring the roaring 20s into your own home in a way that’s sleek and smart.

Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Modern art nouveau wallpaper is very similar to art deco in that it masterfully repurposes vintage designs in a way that feels contemporary. However, that’s where the similarities end. Art deco is all about shapes and contrast between colors, while art nouveau takes inspiration from nature. You’ll find natural and elegant motifs such as flowers, leaves, trees, or even peacock feathers. This style is perfect for people with old souls and young minds.

Animalia Wallpaper

Animal-inspired wallpaper is a fun, diverse category that include intricate jungle scenes, illustrations of forest animals, photographs of insects, and traditional animal prints. Do you want truly unique wallpaper? Try faux crocodile skin. (Yep, that’s a real thing!) These designs are fun twist in urban residences like downtown apartments or suburban homes. When you’re surrounded by concrete and metal, it’s nice to see some friendly monkeys, parrots, or tigers on your wall. It helps nature seem not so far away. If you have kids, any of these designs are sure to be a hit.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper has gained popularity over the past decade, but there are still ways to ensure that your wallpaper is unique. Even though there seems to be a limited number of shapes in the world, artists continue to surprise us with their creative versatility. Geometric wallpaper is great because, with a variety of colors and styles, you can make a space feel classic and timeless, bold and unexpected, or delicate and linear. The possibilities are endless! It’s a great style for everyone.

Painterly Wallpaper

Are you looking to incorporate a fine art aesthetic into your space? Painterly wallpaper and murals are typically reproductions of handmade artworks. Despite the style’s title, painterly covers a lot of different mediums. There are delicate patterns created with watercolor and bold wallpapers based on hand-carved and printed wood block prints. Every wallcovering in the painterly style is as unique as it gets, often incorporating the hand-made aesthetic of its respective artist.

Van Gogh Wallpaper | Astek Home

Photographic Murals & Wallpaper

If you often wish you could transport yourself to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, New York City’s bustling streets, or Zion National Park’s grandiose canyons, this is the section for you. People have fantasized in movies about the ability to change their surroundings holographically, and though we haven’t quite gotten there yet, photographic wallpaper comes as a close second. A change in scenery isn’t the only thing you can get from photographic murals, though. You can also display flowers, coral, and insects, like butterflies.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper looks great in almost any space, and because it’s so unexpected, it makes a great conversation piece among the guests in your home. Typically, textured wallpaper is best in a space that needs an extra boost of sophistication. There are all kinds of textures that these wallpapers come in: twill, linen, basketweave, and more!

Plaid & Striped Wallpaper

Are you someone who can’t get enough plaid in the fall? Now you can have it all year round in any room of your house to create a visually rich atmosphere. Stripes have been around since the birth of fashion, and artists have created many interesting applications with them in wallpaper design: they can be horizontal, vertical, zig-zag, or even wavy to create an optical illusion. These more modern takes on traditional stripes are sure to make you and your home stand out from the crowd!

Illustrative Murals & Wallpaper

Ranging from intricate, hand-drawn toiles to expressionistic florals, illustrative wallpaper features a diverse assortment of artistic styles. You can decorate your walls with whatever your heart desires, whether that is sketched mountain ranges, sailing vessels, or whimsical crustaceans.

Flower Serpent Wallpaper | Astek Home

People have been incorporating wallpaper into spaces for a long time, but designers are constantly reinventing the medium. Check our impressively large selection of wallcoverings, and if you feel something stirring in your imagination but can’t find it on our website, we also do customizations to bring your dreams to life!

Designs shown: Photogram 1, Photogram 3, Almond Blossoms - Blue, Flower and Serpent - Lustre